Contact / Call Centre Solutions

Our Contact Centre Solutions are as follows:

  1. Outsource Contact Centre (BPO) Services

  2. Client Site Contact Centre Implementation

  3. Cohabit Contact Centre Implementation

  4. Emergency (Public Safety) Contact Centre Services

Outsource Contact Centre (BPO) Services

Our Outsourced contact centre services involves the full business process outsourcing (BPO) of our client’s customer interaction, which is managed via our contact centre infrastructure. This model offers both the inbound and outbound customer interaction options.

  • Inbound Contact Centre (BPO) Services

  • Outbound Contact Centre (BPO) Services

Inbound Contact Centre (BPO) Services

This also a full Business Process Outsourcing of all inbound interactions with customers. ChatHub provides numbers to our clients for their customers to enquire, request or complain about their organization, products and services via multiple channels (telephone, sms , email , IM and social media

Outbound Contact Centre (BPO) Services

This is a ChatHub’s full Business Process Outsourcing of all outbound interactions with customers. We manage all client’s campaign, telesales, telemarketing, surveys, data cleansing, researches and promotions via multiple channels (telephone, sms , email , IM and social media)

  • Client Site Contact Centre Implementation

Client Site Contact Centre Implementation requires the provision of solution within our clients premises to enable them independently manage their customer engagement business processes. It offers the following:

  • Process & Human Resource Management Deployment

  • Technology and Infrastructure Management Deployment

Process & Human Resource Management Deployment

This involves ChatHub’s provision of contact centre human resource functions, and the management of client’s customer interaction business processes from the client’s facility

Technology and Infrastructure Management Deployment

In this client customer centre implementation, ChatHub provides the technology and infrastructure for clients to manage their customer’s business processes and interaction from their own site

  • Cohabit Contact Centre Implementation

This implementation involves hosting of our client(s) within our premises as a tenant while we deploy required contact centre infrastructure and technology (hardware and software) for a seamless customer engagement. We also run our Virtual Assistance (Virtual Personal Assistance Service) on this platform.

Benefits of Choosing Us

Customers are the lifeblood of business. Without customers, no business can keep going, which is why having outbound & inbound customer service should be an integral part of any company and ChatHub, a leading outsourcing service provider, understands the value of good customer relationship.

We know that deciding to have your customer service outsourced should not be taken lightly. With this in mind, we are willing to help our clients in every step of our customer service outsourcing process to assure them that their needs are carefully taken care of. We can fully integrate online, mobile and landline communications in our customer services like inbound/outbound costumer relations and appointment setting services—depending on how much or how little integration and requirements you need.

Whether your operations are in Europe, America, or anywhere in the world, ChatHub assures that your customers are handled competently, and we would also maintain your brand’s voice and culture to create a personal and aligned contact center.