ChatHub empowers small to medium-sized businesses across all industries and increases chances at succeeding in the global market.

We give you contact center outsourcing services and solutions, advocate your cause, and lead you to your business goals:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Security

With our people, processes, technology, and security, you and your company can make it in an increasingly competitive industry, no matter your business’ size or age. Talk to us at ChatHub – we can help you accomplish your milestones and lead you to success.

Our People

All of our clients deserve the best people providing outsourcing solutions to their company. This is why our primary objective is to be able to provide our clients with highly qualified, reliable, and motivated teams who can deliver maximum productivity with quality results.

All new employees undergo a different stages of selection process which may be customized based on client requirements to include specific tests, if required, to calibrate the candidates’ skills, knowledge and attitude. Special emphasis is placed on English skills, both written and spoken.


Our number one business philosophy is to invest in superior compensation and benefits to attract stellar performers who can help us achieve optimum business results.


In addition to project-specific discipline sessions, ChatHub provides extensive foundation training to all team members upon joining, and on an on-going basis. This is done in order to maintain, upgrade and update the skill sets of all our team members to adapt with changing technologies and evolving processes.

These skills include the Four CS’s: Core Skills, Computer Skills, Customer Service, and Communications Skills which we have identified as critical to the success of all our assignments.

Performance Management

As a world-class business process outsourcing company, we implement a Performance Management System (PMS) that aligns all team members with each of our client’s objectives. Our PMS program is comprised of weekly, monthly and semi-annual planning and review sessions completed jointly between the team members and their immediate superiors, as well as continuous performance tracking on a day to day basis. Assessment is comprised of Key Result Areas, Key Performance Indicators, Targets, Core Competencies, and Functional Competencies.

Values Alignment

Our unique ChatHub Value System acts as a critical mechanism to reinforce our strategic goals and values throughout the organization on a day-to-day basis, enabling all our team members to “live the values” of PRIDE: Pro-active, Results Oriented, Innovative, Dependable, and Engaged.

Our Process

ChatHub provides clients with high levels of quality management procedures owing to operational management’s experience of administering large scale, complex BPO programs, outsourcing solutions, and knowledge process outsourcing.

We set high initial quality objectives and work with our clients to continuously improve quality metrics by implementing our best practice processes

Six Sigma

Chathubng applies the Six Sigma methodology of DMAIC on providing outsourcing solutions to clients. We quickly identify the root cause of problems and take corrective action. This disciplined statistical approach provides continuous performance improvement which may be incorporated into the operations manual for more complex outsourced projects.

Service Level Agreements

ChatHub design and agree with clients a range of Service Level Agreements which form the basis of performance measurement and evaluation between both parties. This allows proactive problem solving and performance enhancement over a period of time. SLA’s may include metrics such as number of contacts validated per day, accuracy rates, turnaround time, delivery as per agreed schedule, etc.

Our Technology

ChatHub invests wisely in a technology infrastructure that employs proven open standards to bolster a highly cost-efficient, yet reliable, flexible, and secure framework, making sure that we provide quality outsourcing solutions to our clients.

Our technology spend per analyst is approximately 60% of the industry average. We re-invest our technology savings in providing superior compensation and benefits to our people, and additional security measures to ensure all client information is kept secure and confidential at all times.


For analyst workstations, we use cost-efficient but reliable desktops, with short maintenance turnarounds and low maintenance costs, which are easily upgradeable. Our desktops are of standard specifications and are free of unnecessary peripherals, such as disk drives and multi-media speakers.

We also provide analysts with the necessary tools in line with providing clients with exceptional service, such as state-of-the-art communications equipment for voice accounts.


ChatHub utilizes cost-effective, easily maintainable software resulting to superior performance of application systems, including Windows 10 Operating Systems, MicroSoft Edge, Mozilla and Google Chrome.

Clients are not asked to change, upgrade systems, or invest in document management solutions in order to implement outsourcing solutions. We leverage their investment in their technology by creating an environment where our offshore teams are able to access their applications and their stored data, without disrupting their system. When clients upgrade systems, we collaborate with outside vendors on partnerships to design, test, and implement new applications.


ChatHub has set in place a highly secure network that is efficient, functional, but ultimately simple, where clients are supported by a sub-network with separate data switches, router/firewalls, and internet connections. Last mile connection carriers also vary, achieving total redundancy with no single point of failure.

Networks are tested and maintained rigorously in order to ensure reliability at all times.

Our Security

As a world-class business process outsourcing company, our objective is to ensure that all client information is kept secure and confidential at all times.


Our commitment to confidentiality of client information is attested to by many of our happy clients.

All ChatHub operations and associated client information are housed in state-of the-art facilities with controlled access areas that provide 24/7 security. Proximity and biometric access control systems are also in place within specific work areas to restrict access to authorized individuals only, minimizing risk. Audit logs ensure strict accuracy and completeness of information.


ChatHub security policy guarantees that each team member is provided with a unique username and password to ensure full accountability of their actions at all times. Passwords are changed every 30 days and whenever a team member resigns, all access rights are revoked.

Access to different sites and functionality as well as access to different software are also restricted depending on the level of access granted to individuals or teams. As an added level of protection, up-to-date firewall and antivirus software are also in place to prevent security hacks and attacks.

Communications are hosted on secure channels only with all calls recorded to ensure quality and security at every point of contact.

Contingency and Disaster Recovery

Ensuring that the quality of service that we provide will not falter despite adverse circumstances or events, ChatHub has in place a Business Continuity Plan that every team member is appraised of. This ensures that the business process outsourcing solutions of our clients are maintained according to service level agreements. A secure offsite facility is readily available to host operating teams in the event that the current facility is not accessible.